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Birthdays and special occasions made effortless! Whether it's a grand birthday bash or an intricate celebration, leave the details to us. Fill out the form below and let's transform your vision into an unforgettable reality!


Welcome to our extraordinary children's celebration, filled with fun workshops and activities for unforgettable moments:

  • Postcard Creation
  • Box and Pencil Case Painting
  • Cotton Wool Creations
  • Branded Aprons
  • Stylish Shoppers
  • Ring Holders
  • Exclusive Mugs
  • Stylish T-Shirts
  • Cozy Pillows
  • Magical Candles
  • Lucky Stone Amulets
  • Canvas Art
  • Giant Coloring
  • Gosht Kids Puzzle
  • Lantern Design
  • Cookie Painting

Join us for creativity and imagination!

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Dive into Minecraft: Let kids construct their virtual worlds with colorful blocks, from castles to hideaways.

Unleash the Superhero: Design capes and masks for epic adventures, engaging in superhero-themed crafts and activities.

Magical Mickey Mouse: Create iconic Mickey Mouse ears with Disney-inspired crafts and games.

Glamorous Barbie Fashion: Design outfits and accessories fit for a fashionista runway.

Enchanting Unicorn Adventure: Craft magical unicorn crafts and horns, exploring a realm of wonder.

Paw Patrol Adventures: Design Paw Patrol badges and partake in thrilling missions and activities.

Hilarious Clown Circus: Create clown costumes and accessories, enjoying entertaining performances and laughter-inducing activities.